Each one has their own blog....

                                                                     Vanilla Kisses
                                                              Norwegian Forest Cat
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                                                                    Our Gentle Bear
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                                                                  Lucky Buttons
                                                       Lucky Son of Three Buttons

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our old boy


                                                  Another street rescue, he is now 17 years old.

  Lilly Pad
Our affectionate "apple faced" blue-cream torte point. 
                                                   Peek Himalayan Blue Point Persian
                                             This quite elegant lady, came to us from a farm....
  She was not looked after, the owners didn't want her 
She spent loving time with us until we found her a good family.
 Lucy Belle
Another left at our doorstep.
We adopted her.

above ~This pretty girl is Missy , Mr.B couldn't resist!!!

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aka "Batman"
We rescued this sweet boy days from dying!

English Shepard
He was abandoned with another dog, in the middle of winter-37 degrees!
 We adopted him when no one came to claim him, and found a good family for his pal.
What a blessing he turned out to be.
(Watching Vanilla play.)

Below are those who don't live with us, or have since passed.
     This handsome Tuxedo is my grandsons cat.
Mr.Jangles. Brought home from the Humane Society

Above is our most cherished and missed Tabbitha.
Our 18 year old, Fawn Tabby she passed away in our arms August 22 2010
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ABOVE~The best mommy ever-
Charlee Barlee passed many years ago, she is very missed.